Sunday, August 16, 2009

Falls Creek Falls Trail

I guess this could be classified as a Friday Field Trip as it was Friday, August 14, 2009. Dad had taken the day off already. We were suppose to do the Spencer Butte hike but the other family was busy and we've pretty much done that place enough. So when Becky called and asked if we had plans we decided to go hiking. The next project was to find a suitable, close-ish place to go. Settled on Falls Creek; this is about 15 miles north of Carson, Washington. The last time we came here was 7 years ago!!! It was a busy place. Lots of people with the same idea. It was only 1.7 miles but with kids it takes a while - especially when they are curious about examining everything along the way. It was fun to see them get their magnifying glasses out and examine all the fascinating things they could find. The book said the trail had a steep slope on one side. Lots of roots and rocks to trip over and give grandma a "heartbeat check". Must make a note of that in the book for next time!

This bridge had a bounce to it.

Kaylee and Gracie had to walk the logs; some high, some lower.
It truly is a spectacular set of falls. There is an upper and a lower portion. Sometime we'll have to hike the trail to the top.

Another hiker offered to take a group shot for us.

The trail ends at the falls. But then there are rocks to climb and more edges for grandma to fret over!

Kaylee was in the lead coming back. She did her best to stay ahead of us all (even if I ran to catch her). At one point I came around the corner just in time to see her walking the log by herself! (sorry Becky).

Beautiful trail. Great day; not too hot or cold. (Only took us an hour getting back to the car!!!)

Friday Field Trip - Zoo

So I don't always keep up to date but let's catch up a little. Thought I'd stick my pictures of the zoo here (and be the first apparently).
July 31, 2009: good thing we went early in the day as it got hotter and hotter. The kids had fun being together and seeing what they could. Great to see the little baby elephant again. And of course a trip to the zoo wouldn't be complete without photos on the statues!!! Love the Friday Field Trips. (p.s. I understand the Serengeti exhibit opens Sept 11 now and 3 new giraffes arrive before the end of August.)

Poor hot polar bear

Inside a polar bear's den

Watching an otter swim - cool way to spend a hot day

Lorien checking out the chimp!

Looking at turtles and a caiman

Love the "swings"

Ethan - our resident elephant lover next to a statue dedicated to a Rose Festival Queen.