Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Okay so it's time to blog again. I meant to do Christmas but it just didn't happen. So let's start with today.

8 years ago in 2002, 3 little babies were born within about 6 weeks of each other. This past week those 3 little grandbabies were all baptized!

This is A'dra, Jayden, and Kaylee

First was A'dra on February 28.

Next was Jayden, on March 6.

Then came Kaylee on March 7.

Needless to say it has been a busy week preparing for these events. We have had the privilege of our family gathering around in support of each other and just enjoying one another's company.

This is A'dra with her dad, our son Rick. Doesn't she look gorgeous and excited to be baptized?

This is Jayden with some of the special men in his life: grandpa, dad, and uncle Jon. He looks excited too - as well as toothless.

This is the Labadie family afterwards. Anna, Kristina, Dion, Meghan and Jayden & Ethan. What a great group!

After Jayden's baptism on Saturday morning everyone came to the house for a barbecue lunch. This is a favorite family activity. We were blessed with a warm sunny day which is not a usual March happening. The cousins had a blast playing in the "woods" and the sandbox as well as the swings. Jeff and his family came over from Pasco to join us.

Kaylee, Jayden, Jesse up a tree!


Usually we enjoy the shade of the maple tree during our barbecues but as you can see it was a little too early in the year for leaves! I don't think we've ever had an outdoor barbecue this early before.

Ice Cream Floats!!!

Later in the afternoon Jayden was participating in his very first Pinewood Derby. His cousin Wesley would be racing in his last derby.

Jayden's car is on the left and Wesley's is on the right.

Jayden came in 5th overall. What a cute car!
(How appropriate for the son of a teacher!)

Wesley came in 4th overall. What a jazzy truck.

Jesse brought a couple of his cars along and the cousins were actually able to race each other after the derby. His "money" car was pretty fast!

Cousins enjoying more root beer floats!!!

Jesse, Austin, Ethan, Jayden

This is Kaylee with grandpa on her special day. Earlier in the week she had tripped and split her lip open, needing 3 stitches inside her lip. Thankfully the swelling went down tremendously before today.

After Kaylee's baptism Becky had cake and ice cream at her house. One of the MANY people attending the baptism was Tammy and her cute little family. We don't get to see each other so often these days. This is her with my mom. Someone mistook Tammy for one of Becky's sisters and she laughed, "Haven't heard that in years!"

It was great to have family together during this time. I can't think of when I've been more proud of or thankful for my family. They are a great bunch and I love them all.