Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some of our kids went up to play in the snow on December 27. They had a good time but it's really an activity for the young people. Anyway Phil wanted to drive up to find some snow on his day off on Thursday. We drove up the same road the kids did but we went further up the Wind River Road than they did.
It was beautiful blue sky and the road wasn't too bad. We've had so much rain lately that this was a pleasant change even if it was cold. The road goes all around Indian Heaven - but not in the winter apparently.
We got to this viewpoint and you couldn't drive into it. You could see this biffy on the other side and after drinking a soda in the car, I really needed to use it but I figured it wouldn't be maintained in the winter. Phil walked over and opened the door! Here I went.... Mt. St. Helen's played peek-a-boo with the clouds.

Thanks for breaking the trail for me, honey. It was knee-deep.

Snow had fresh sparkly powder on top. Sure was pretty.

Anyone for a picnic?

Christmas 2010

So Christmas for empty-nesters can be a challenge to figure out. Gone are the hectic days of little kids anxiously awaiting mom and dad to get up and tackle the presents. Those are fond memories but makes for quiet Christmases now. Oh wait...that isn't such a bad thing!!!

Anyway we went to each house individually to celebrate together. Jeff - who lives in Pasco - also had a birthday party for their 3-yr old so it was a double-duty visit. Even ran into a little snow on the way home! He had a holiday train around his tree that he was having fun with. Little did my hubby know I had bought a Lionel recently and wondered if he'd like it as much.

Becky ended up coming to our house for this family gathering. That's when I let Phil have his little train. His eyes glazed over and I don't think he heard another word the rest of the evening. The train didn't run right off but he got it working within 24 hours and ordered a replacement part as well. Every now and then I manage to do something right.

On Christmas Eve we visited with Rick's family and enjoyed our visit with them. Then it was on to Kristina's for dinner and Family Home Evening with them. Families with kids is the way we remember celebrating. Christmas day we went to Becky's before her oldest girls left for Utah. Then we got to visit with Mandie's family. Her kids were having fun with all their new toys.

We were able to gather all in town on the Sunday before Christmas for food and chatting. That was fun. We appreciate having family nearby and how they enjoy being together. We love them all very much and wouldn't know what to do with ourselves if we were totally alone.