Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving - Saturday

So while Jeff's family was here, and at his request, we had our gingerbread house-making party. The kids were excited, of course - let the candy flow!!!

Ethan works on his roofing skills.
Aubrey catches Larissa sampling the decorations!

Mitchell and Noah work on their train - an engine and a caboose.

Busy, busy, busy

Jesse with his finished house.

Becky helps Grace with her creation.

Noah and Mitchell beam at their "finished" product.

Grace with her completed house.

Larissa beams with her house complete with lollipop tree.

The train needs some more decor.....

Ethan shows off his house.

Some of the finished projects.

Kaylee with her house.

Jayden with his house.

Aubrey with her house.

Anna has a completed house.

Everyone had a good time and the house smelled wonderful. Thankful for all these special grandkids (and the ones who couldn't make it). Making memories!

Thanksgiving - Friday

Prep work to take down 2 trees, the big redwood and a smaller one next to it.
This is the smaller of the 2 trees down now.

Dave Jones, our home teacher, brought his bucket truck to take this redwood down limb by limb and then in 4 chunks. He used to do this for a living. He's an electrician/lineman with his own company nowadays.

Mom almost had a coronary when he stepped out of the bucket and onto the limbs 40 feet in the air!
Tied off now Dave instructs how to pull when he finishes the cuts.

The top came down slightly more to the left than was comfortable - I nearly had a coronary. The whole idea was to keep from smashing the neighbor's sheds. Dave did a magnificent job.

Came down in 4 chunks with only 1 minor divet in the driveway.

Our other home teacher, Allen Berry, had a bigger saw than we did and was able to do a better cutting job. Took awhile but it all got taken care of.

Dave prepares to level off the stump.

Huge rings. About 20 years ago we bought it as a live Christmas tree in a container.

Cutting up the logs.

All that's left - plus a top that might become a Christmas tree this year. Thankful for good home teachers willing to help and for the safety of all involved.

Thanksgiving - Thursday

This cutie-patootie, otherwise known as Aubrey Timmons, loved watching stuff cook.
"Wow, grandma, what a big turkey!"

Didn't get many pics of the "grown-up" table. This is the kid table - have to get them served before you have a mutiny on your hands.

Jeff and Becky arm wrestle. Still teasing each other after all these years! He won but he was good and sore afterwards! We had a great day and a wonderful weekend visiting with family. Truly something to be thankful for.