Sunday, September 4, 2011

40th Wedding Anniversary

Wasn't it only yesterday that I was married? Where does the time go? So here are pictures from our 40th Wedding Anniversary in no particular order really. I have to say it's a great bunch of family as well and each one brings a special uniqueness to the group.

Our anniversary was really on Wednesday but today was actually Hayden's 7th birthday so we had a double celebration.
Here's the original 5 siblings. What a handsome group.

Add their parents...
....and their spouses.
Then add all the kids...and my mom. Us with all our grandchildren. At our 30th anniversary there were only 5 grandchildren!
Jon & Mandie Senske; Lorien & Hayden (Mandie's expecting in October)

Becky Timmons; Kaylee, Aubrey & Grace Dion and Kristina Labadie; Jayden, Meghan, Anna & Ethan
Jeff & Krissa; Mitchell, Jesse, Noah & Larissa plus DominoRick and his kids Austin, A'dra & WesleyMeghan our oldest at 16 Jesse & Wesley at 11
Austin and Anna at 13

This is our 7-yr old bunch. Grace, Ethan, Mitchell, & HaydenOur 9-yr old bunch Jayden, Larissa, A'dra & KayleeAnd our cute 3-yr olds Aubrey, Lorien & NoahThe boys, Jeff and RickyKristina, Mandie & Becky. 10 years ago Mandie wasn't married and the other 2 were pregnant!