Monday, June 28, 2010

Hike to Dry Creek Falls

Okay, so after attending the dance festival Friday night and finishing our hosting responsibilities Saturday morning, June 26, we went for a hike. I found somewhere new to go. It's a little-known place along the PCT (Pacific Coast Trail), near the town of Cascade Locks.

Becky and her girls joined us for a day in the woods. Felt good to get out there after the wet spring we've had.

Of course, no hike is complete without the obligatory climb on downed trees. These were obviously cut this year to clear the trail. This is Kaylee and Grace.
Becky and I were walking along behind Phil and the girls when this deer came through the brush. He did not seem in any hurry as he walked through the brush along the trail as we walked along. Eventually he crossed in front of us. We watched him for a long time as he ate leaves. We got several pics before we decided to catch up to the rest.

Then as we entered this clearing we found our deer again! He had taken a short-cut over the ridge. This time everyone got to see him as he again leisurely browsed before heading back into the woods.

We almost turned back as we didn't hear any water and wondered if my information was outdated. My book said 2.2 miles and sure enough at around 2 miles (GPS) we heard water and came out at the creek (exactly 2.2 miles). Pretty place for lunch. As you can see Phil found his spot.

This is Grace trying to give the grown-ups a heart attack trying to cross the creek on slippery rocks.

Here Kaylee and Grace watch sticks they've thrown into the river float downstream.

Rock-throwing is a must-do activity at any creek. Aubrey did her share.

Nice little hike to a beautiful spot.

Aubrey. This is what it looks like to drop your walking stick and no one will let you go back for it.

A little farther up from our lunch spot was the falls. Becky's family pose in front of Dry Creek Falls.

"I can fly"

Oh my.....just read the shirt!

Grandpa and his shadows head back down the trail.

Grace and a log.

Kaylee and the same log.

No trip to Cascade Locks is complete without one of their famous ice cream cones. This is a baby cone!

Jumping off the rocks in the nearby park. Perfect ending to a beautiful day.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dance Festival 2010

This was such a neat experience for the kids. Even though this month has had record rainfall you knew it was going to be glorious for dance festival. (That many Mormons praying can move mountains!!!) Had 2 granddaughters dancing this year. The kids spent the better part of 3 days together with practices and other activities. We hosted 2 very nice young men during their "off" hours (basically sleeping).

This was the opening sequence. It started with a few on the field and then the kids came running down the aisles in the grandstands. The audience was clapping and yelling. The energy was high and so was the spirit.
This was the patriotic tribute to the Armed Forces.
This was a disco

This was a routine for the 12-yr. old girls done to "Car Wash". Anna is in here (red arrows).
This is the Swing for the 14/15 year olds. Meghan is in here... somewhere

Kids all together getting the audience involved.

One of the cultural dances.

Here the priests carry in flags representing all the temples operating (133). The girls performed a ballet routine to "I Love to See the Temple".

Finale. This time all the missionaries in the area carried in the white flags.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Fun #1

So on Monday morning, June 21, I met up with Becky and her girls and we headed off to the zoo. Wasn't bad weather-wise. Okay so it was a little cool (as Gracie would attest to all morning) but it wasn't raining.

I had Kaylee and Grace pose with the little bronze squirrel that sits on a bench just after you enter the zoo. I often wonder how many people miss this little guy with his lunchbox!
The zoo brought back lions last year to a new exhibit. Didn't see them last year as they were hiding from the heat. Not a problem this year. But it was hard to get a picture with the bronze statues all by yourself. (Kaylee, Grace, Aubrey)

Grace got to the top of the climbing wall. Again, lots of people (and they don't seem to share/take turns like the "old" days).

The zoo has a new baby elephant born here last year. Here he is receiving some training.

This statue is always a favorite. There are some real mountain goats in the enclosure behind here.

Always a good time at the zoo!

Then after lunch we met up with Kristina, Mandie and their kids to visit Ft. Vancouver. In all the years I've lived here this was probably only the 3rd time I've been here. Kids come here for field trips during school. Kristina was able to volunteer for some of the archealogy digs here and knew a great deal about all the buildings and what goes on. She teaches the grade that visits here as well.

Okay so in the woodworking shop Kristina told us one of the most common things made in those days were coffins for children.

Here's all the cousins who came today. Always a fun bunch.

Is it loaded?

Looks like trouble here. (Ethan, Jayden)

Here in the blacksmith shop the man showed the kids how to use a flint and steel, then let them each try.

Then add some jute, everybody blow and FIRE!

This is your leg in a beaver trap. (Hayden in front, Kaylee in back)

Grace kept trying to hold Ethan's hand all afternoon but he would have none of it. Looks like they came to a truce so they could walk together (with Hayden). And of course by now, Grace was letting us know how hot she was.

Lorien gets a ride back to the car. What a great day. Wore my legs out for sure.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Becky Graduates From Clark College

So here's the happy graduate with her daughter Kaylee who also attended the ceremony.

Becky was able to graduate with an Associate Arts degree from Clark Community College. It has taken a lot of work on her part especially holding down 2 part-time jobs and being a single mom.

How wonderful to have sisters to support and appreciate her accomplishments. Mandie was babysitting the other 2 girls on this night.

Aw... the proud parents. We couldn't be prouder of her.
Love ya, Becky